Pangong Retreat Camp (Spangmik )

About Pangong Retreat Camp (Spangmik )

Welcome to Pangong Retreat Camp – a boutique retreat set facing the magnificent Pangong Lake in Spangmik Village, with stunning panoramic views of nature's gifted scenery. The Retreat offers you a comfortable accommodation providing you with basic amenities allowing you to enjoy a truly unique experience with nature - the golden grass, the sunsets, the mountains and the Pangong Lake, - it's truly a paradise!


Comprised entirely of 25 generously spaced, quiet & inoffensive comfortable tents. Canvas comfort is assured – the tents easily sleep up to three and four with separate beds (not mattresses) for each. There are separate sleeping and living areas, an extended back porch with a shower room (hot and cold water) and toilet. The tents have hanging wall to wall carpet and comfortable beds. These tents combine the comforts of a luxurious stay with the benefits of fresh air and rolling fields. All tent suites are situated amongst unspoiled natural surroundings with wonderful view of the Pangong Lake with the snow capped mountains as backdrop.


The camp has a medical tent with all basic first aid and oxygen cylinder. A doctor can be arranged from Medical centre of Spangmik village.


The Pangong Retreat Camp is in Spangmik village on the Bank of Pangong Lake, and is located at distance of about 150 kms away from the Leh city facing the Pangong lake with a direct view of the mountains.

The remoteness of location is all the more evident when seen from my high vantage point. The few houses are scattered like dots in a landscape dominated by the long blue stretch of the lake and the barren mountain slopes. It looks like a place out of dreams that is too unreal and too beautiful to be true. There are very few camps and people – leaving the unspoiled golden field, with its flora and fauna, all to yourself and allowing you to enjoy your privacy.