Camps In Pangong -Ladakh

When you visit Ladakh, it is absolutely essential that you experience camping in the region. There are many ways to camp in Ladakh. You can camp by carrying and setting up your own tents wherever you desire or you can enjoy camping as a part of a tour group or you can enjoy a camping experience in the permanent camps set up in particular places. While camping in your own tents is an adventurous experience, it can often be quite trying to the body because such camping involves going without a lot of essential comforts.

Camps In Pangong -Ladakh 100 Sky Camp

100 Sky Camp

100 Sky Camp Accommodation ladakh India .An overnight stay in the standard star Rooms allows you to make use of the excellent amenities. A wonderful shower or relaxing bath in the bathroom, watching the television from your bed.

Camps In Pangong -Ladakh The Regal Camp, Pangong (Spangmik)

The Regal Camp, Pangong (Spangmik)

The Regal Camp is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, the farthest point to which foreigners are permitted, is only some seven km along the southern shore from the head of the lake, but it affords spectacular views of the mountains of the Chang chenmo range to the north, their reflections shimmering in