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in Ladakh

Activities in Ladakh

Cultural & Scenic Beauty Tours in Ladakh

Ladakhi culture is similar to Buddhist culture. Population in Ladakh region other than Kargil District is dominated by Buddhist though Muslim culture presence is there. Beautiful monasteries are situated at the top of the hill and deep gorges of the mountains. Beautiful lakes such as Tso Moriri – Pangong Tso – Tso Kar are some of the main attraction. Ladakh architecture contains Tibetan and Indian mix. The architecture in Kargil region is highly influenced by Persian Architecture as seen in various Mosques.
Driving at Highest motorable passes in the world is an unique experience to be here. Kahrdungla pass / Changla pass and Tanglangla Pass are few to be mentioned. Wide open valley with various colored series of mountains makes this destination different than other Himalayan destinations. Leh Valley – Nubra Valley in the north of Leh and down south Zanskar Valley are main destinations in Ladakh region. Following river Indus till Batalik which is the last border area on South of Leh has exceptional trails to explore unexplored.

Trekking Ladakh

Ladakh is heaven for trekking lovers. Ladakh has beautiful weather almost round the year offers amazing trek all around the region. Soft treks passing through the villages and strenuous trek such as Lamayuru to Darcha trek for almost 21 days attracts all trekking lovers from around the globe. Though best season is considered from Mid May to September when you have a sunny weather and warm days. You may have a trek minimum 3 days to month within the region. Trekking peak such Stok Kangri is good enough to test your fitness for a week with a summit at 6150 Meter above sea level.
If you are extreme trek lovers you may have another opportunity to come to winter in Ladakh to have a frozen river trek on Indus and Zanskar river. Temperature will be in minus and may reach up to minus 40 at some places.

Expedition in Ladakh

If you are expedition lover you have beautiful peaks Nun and Kun to reach at the summit. While as Stok Kangri range /

Motor Bike Tours in Ladakh

If you are bike lover you have this ultimate destination to ride your bike of all kind with high passes and dusty trails. Manali to Leh motor bike tours is one of the main segment for this adventure sport. While as driving in the south west of Leh around Tso Moriri Lake and Tso Kar lake worth riding. Riding to Pangong Tso and driving to Nubra valley by crossing Warila pass and coming back to Leh over Khardungla pass ( highest in the world ) is another attraction for you.
Driving in the west of Leh city by following river Indus you will reach at Aryan Valley where you have incredible views of deep gorges of river Indus and most amazing views at the top of Himbotingla pass and Shashi La passes. This is off beat destination and full of thrilling experience.
You have possibility to start your ride from Manali to come to Leh by covering almost 500 Kms and ride all around Ladakh region and drive in the west following Leh - Srinagar highway to enter in Kashmir. Motor bike ride in Ladakh is increasing day by day and many opportunities to explore the hidden places of this beautiful part of the world.

Mountain Bike Tours in Ladakh

Ladakh is most preferred destination for mountain bike lovers. You have grading of all types to test your stamina. Even many sport professional come to Ladakh for their maximum preparation and physical fitness before they perform a national and an international event at any location.

Jeep Safari In Ladakh

Day by day Manali to Leh highway is getting much better and people has SUV and sports series SUV dreamed about to take a ride in Ladakh region. Self drive or customized jeep safari tours are more common in Ladakh for the tourist. Beautiful Panorama high passes over 4000 meter above sea level and smooth high altitude long and straight drives will give you an exceptional enjoyment to ride in Ladakh region. Driving south in Zanskar region more recommended to see the different world within Ladakh. Manali to Leh drive or Srinagar to Leh drive is more common for Jeep Safari lovers. Pangong Lake / Tso Moriri Lake / Tso Kar Lake / Nubra Valley / Aryan Valley are most common to be explored.

River Rafting In Ladakh

Zanskar and Indus are two major rivers in Ladakh. A pleasure ride is most common for the seasonal tourist in Ladakh which may be for a day only. Zanskar rafting expedition is a dream destination for professional rafters. Freezing cold water and big flow of Zanskar and Indus river is most challenging. Professional and certified rafting companies are available in Ladakh for your pleasure ride at a nominal cost. This is most add on subject for the tourist in summer only.

Two Humph Camel Ride in Ladakh

Nubra valley in in the north of Leh town which a driving distance of approx 1590 Kms. Khardungla pass ( world highest motorable pass ) differ Nubra and Leh Valley. It is believed that when Alexender went back home he went through Nubra valley. After a long and tiring battle some of his soldiers stayed back at Nubra valley with two humph camels which they had brought from their native places. Same breed still exist in few hundreds. Nubra valley has some high altitude special sand dunes which give a feel for high altitude desert area. You may have a pleasure ride for few hours and camel ride can be arranged for a week to explore entire Nubra Valley.

Festivals in Ladakh

Ladakh is a land of fair and festivals. Please see the festival calendar at different region in Ladakh. One of the biggest and most popular festival is Hemis festival. Hemis is located in the east of Leh city by driving less than an hour drive. The festival is celebrated in June to commemorate the birth of Guru Padmasambhava. His holiness Dalai Lama also keep visit to this region for special teaching and religious occasions. Religious mask Dance / colorful dress / Tangka painting / Mandala preparations are some of the unique features. You may choose the festival of your interest to witness.

Frozen River Trek or Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Ladakh cut off from the roads by the end of October with Himachal and by the end of November Srinagar Leh highway get close due to high snow fall at the high passes on the road. Normally winter season in Ladakh starts from Mid October and night temperature reach at freezing level. In January day temperature also remain in minus and nights will be more in minus. Zanskar and Indus river start freezing. Therefore extreme adventure lovers make their plan to walk on the frozen rivers. Walking over Zanskar river is main attraction in Ladakh which may start from minimum three days to 16 days trek. You need to be physically fit and equipped with high quality gears to prevent from extreme temperature. Better to consult with your physician and choose certified operator for your ground arrangements. Know more about High Altitude sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness.

Snow Leopard Trails in Ladakh

If you are an animal lover specially cat lovers Ladakh is a dream destination to spot Snow Leopard. Ideal period for spotting snow Leopard is from October to March. These elusive cats are spotted throughout the Hemis National Park in the left bank of river Indus. Hemis National Park is situated in the east of Ladakh with a carpet area over 3000 – 4500 meters. It covers an area of 600 sq.kms in the valleys of Markha and Rumbak. This area formed in 1981 for the conservation and protection of it’s unique flora and fauna. There are many rare and endangered animal species found in this cold desert, amongst these are the elusive Snow Leopard, Ibex, Tibetan Antelope, Blue Sheep, Shapo, Marmot, Tibetan Hare etc. Among the avi fauna population found are the Snow Patridge, Golden Oriole, Snow Cock, Golden Eagle, Horned Lark, Red Billed Chuff etc.
In the west of Leh town are another spots to see this cat. Village like Ney Phu, Ule Phu, and hills of Skindyang village are common to witness the cat. Other famous and rare animals like “Nyan” or “Tinetan Argali”,(Ovis ammon); Himalayan blue sheep, called “Bharal” or “Napo”, (Pseudois nayaur); Uriel, locally called “Shapo” (Ovis orientalis), Asiatic ibex Skin(Capra sibirica), and among the predators are Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Lynx, Pallas Cat, and many others.

Photography Tours in Ladakh

Ladakh is a picture perfect destination. Does not matter how technical you are with the lenses or photography, you are just a click away even with your smartphone. Green carpet areas around the water and grey and multi color Himalayan ranges at the backdrop. Himalayan Panorama of 360 D view from high passes and dramatically shades over the mountains of clouds will keep you busy for days. Clear and pollution free sky to watch and navigate the galaxies and stars in the night. Beautiful sand dunes at Nubra valley and multi color shades at Pangong Lake will attract you to load another chip at your camera. Paradise for bird watchers and more adventures for Snow leopard trails in the winter to chase the cat. Colorful monasteries to experience the monastic experience to follow the path for bless and salvation.

Filming and Documentary

Ladakh is most popular destination for short documentary of all kind and Bollleywood film shooting. Many films have been pasteurized at various locations in Ladakh. Most famous movie called Three Idiots has promoted Ladakh tremendously as a tourist and must visit tourist destination in India. Other films related with Karil war have been also given a boost for tourism in Ladakh. Other adds related with Motor Bike and Cars are most popular. Uniqueness of Ladakh interact all outdoor lovers.

Meditation and Monastic experience

Buddhism is unique religion in the world. His Holiness Dalali Lama has given a new dimension to Buddhist religion. Meditation is main key point in Buddhism. Meditation relaxes the mind and takes us in inside world. Mediation has many ways of performance and in Buddhism is famous for its uniqueness. You can come to visit Ladakh and have an authentic approach to perform meditation. Staying with monks in monasteries and witness the daily routine of life might be amazing for your experience. Point to be considered that Buddhist community send his youngest child in monastery ( most often though this is not a rule) for religious duties or become a monk/ nun. Staying in the monasteries might be restricted and subject to the permission of monastery administration.

Geological Study & research

Scientist has proved that Ladakh section was under the sea long time back. You may find the fossils tagged on some stones which reflect the oceanic evidences. Due to high altitude and rain shadow area, it contains many mysteries around the region. Glacial studies / Geological studies are more common in the region. Some of NGO from abroad are affiliated with various studies.

Package Name No of Nights Destination / Night Stay
03 Nights Stay in Leh Ladakh 03 Nights Leh 3N
Highlights of Ladakh Trip 04 Nights Leh 4N
05 Nights Stay in Leh Ladakh Tour 05 Nights Leh 5N
Towards Valley of Flowers in Ladakh 06 Nights Leh 5N , Nubra 1N
Moon Valley & Pangong Tso (Lake) 08 Nights Leh 6N , Uleytoko 1N , Nubra 1N
Ladakh with Kashmir Tour Package 08 Nights Leh 4N , Nubra 1N , Uleytoko 1N, Kargil 1N , Srinagar 1N
Overland Safari to Ladakh 08 Nights Manali 1N, Sarchu 1N, Leh 4N, Pangong 1N, Nubra 1N
Tour to High Altitude Lakes in Ladakh 10 Nights Leh 7N, Uleytoko 1N, Nubra 1N, Tsomoriri 1N
Ladakh Panorama Tour Package 11 Nights Manali 1N, Sarchu 1N, Leh 4N, Pangong 1N, Nubra 1N, Uleytoko 1N, Kargil 1N, Srinagar 1N