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Kahsmir Tourist Destinations - Bhaderwah

The main hub to reach Bhaderwah is Jammu. It is approximately 200 Kms form Jammu to Bhaderwah by road. The road can be divided in four main spots as:

Jammu - Udhampur : 65 aprox (by road), - NH-1A - {50 Kms (by Train)}
Udhampur - Batote : 55 Kms - NH-1A
Batote - Pul Doda : 50 Kms - NH-1B
Pul Doda - Bhaderwah : 30 Kms

Bhaderwah is bounded on the north by Kishtwar on the east by Chamba, on the south by Balor or Basholi and on the west by Chenani. It is located at a distance of 206 Kms north-east of Jammu, 90 Kms south of Kishtwar, 36 Kms east to Doda, 150 north west to Chamba and 115 Kms north of Basholi. It is about 80 Kms from Batote situated J&K National Highway NH1A.

The Beautiful and enchanting valley of Bhaderwah town is situated in a very beautiful and cultivated . It is about half kilometers away from the left bank of Neeru nallah (Skt :Nira- Water). Bhaderwah is an elliptical valley with approx. 12 Km and 4 Km radii, major and minor respectively. The population of the town is about 12 thousand including those of peripheral villages.

Bhaderwah also know as “Nagon ki bhoomi” means ‘ land of Snakes '. The Bhaderwah Town ( Nagar Bhaderwah ) was known as Hettary Nagar and prior to that, there were two other towns namely Donga nagar and Udho Nagar. Both the Nagar was situated around villages Mondha which is about 3 Kms. In the East of present Bhaderwah town.

Major Attractions in Bhaderwah :-
Chinta Valley :-
  Chinta Valley Is a picturesque valley located at a height of 6,500 feet, has thick coniferous forests on all sides and Chinta nallah flowing through it. Many scenic spots are situated around this place.
Seoj Meadow, Dhar :-
  The amazing beauty is found in plenty. On the south is the sacred Kailash Kund , surrounded by snow-capped mountains. On way to Kailash Kund, there is unique landscape at Shankh Paddar.

The meadow of Seoj is flanked by a beautiful river on its west which emanates from hills surrounding Kailash Kund. Seoj Dhar, as locally knwon, is the camping ground for thousands of yatris of famous Kailash Yatra who come from Bhadarwah.
Padri Dhai :-
  Padri is a "Gali" of undulating landscape, located 40 kms. from Bhadarwah on Bhadarwah Chamba road, at a height of 10,500 feet. It is the highest point on Bhadarwah-Chamba road. It experiences heavy snow fall upto 5 metres and snow-melting continues right upto mid June. It is one of the most sought after picnic spot
Sartingal :-
  Sartingal Is another unexplored area situated on the southern extreme of Bhadarwah Valley . Sunshine on the one hand and the fragrant breeze from Kailash, Ashapati hills and neighbouring forests on the other, make the place different from other spots.
Jai Valley :-
  Jai Valley Is picturesque valley, 35 kms. from Bhadarwah. It is an extremely beautiful valley spread over 6 kms. Another extremely beautiful valley spread over 6 kms. Another nearby attraction is a beautiful sprawling meadow
Khani Top :-
  Khani Top Is situated 25 kms. from Bhadarwah. It too has potential of becoming a good picnic spot. Trekkers would also find it a convenient launching site for expedition to Ashapati peak on the border with Himachal Pradesh. Amidst greenery, it offers a treasure of scenic, splendor, especially during sun-set and sun-rise.
Bhal Padri :-
  Bhal Padri Is yet another picturesque valley which has an intersection of rivulets and streams. A dreamland, not known to many, is 4 kms. North-east of Padri, having unique landscape where many miniature valleys join hundreds of milky streams and rivulets traverse this composite valley down the length.
Nalthi - Basti :-
  Nalthi - Basti Is 10 kms. from Bhadarwah which serves as a base camp for trekkers. It has come a junction point with the completion of Bhadarwah-Bani-Basholi road. Trekkers from Sarthal (Bani) and Bhadarwah take rest at this beautiful place after descending from or ascending to 10,500 feet hight. Apart from dense deodar forests, it has been gifted with lush green patches of grasslands studded with blooming flowering plants of different colors
Hanhga, Noorie, Devchater & Kellar :-
  Hanhga, Noorie, Devchater & Kellar A place 10 Km. away from Bhaderwah town amidst the thick black forests of deodar, is a fine picturesque spot situated on the bank of Hanga Nallah characterize by crystal water flowing with murmuring rhythms that makes the ambience musical. The place came to lime light when in the 80's Hindi Film 'Noorie' was pasteurized at this place and first time the beauty and culture of Bhaderwah was depicted in its fine glory to world outside. This place is suitable for camping and attracting the adventure lovers who intend to spend 2/3 nights in wilderness enjoying an unexplored flora and fauna.
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